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Aground Zero is a 3D spinoff of our hit pixel game, Aground. The world has ended. You are deep underground, and all alone with a cheery AI companion. You will have to mine and build to survive, and search for other survivors to help you. Will you be able to reach the surface? And what will you find when you get there?


The idea for Aground Zero came to me when I was reminiscing about one of our first commercial projects, I Can’t Escape: Darkness (ICED), which was a 3D game. I really liked a lot of the things I did for ICED, especially the lighting system (and I even had plans for a sequel), and I thought - why not make a 3D Aground spinoff? This idea was shortly before April 2021, and prompted the April Fool’s joke of Aground: Minecraft Edition - a farcical but also partially true joke.

From there, I re-purposed a voxel engine I had made for fun, and threw in a bunch of ideas I had for a potential colony update for Aground. The game took shape as much more colony management/base building than Aground, but this worked for me as I liked doing something different, and I thought it'd be a neat spinoff with similar, yet distinct gameplay to Aground.


  • Mine to explore, make room for your growing base, and find survivors.
  • Build your base, expanding and automating structures to survive and thrive.
  • Craft and Upgrade all sorts of tools and utilities.
  • Explore a post-apocalyptic earth, from deep underground up to the surface during the events of the original Aground.
  • Recruit NPCs to work your factories and revive the humanity.
  • Get Quests from familiar faces and a quirky personal AI.


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      Our goal is to make games that are unlike what you have seen before. Games that are quirky, non-traditional, or metaphorical. To actually have an impact on your life, or how you think about life, even after you've finished playing our games.

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      Aground Zero Credits

      David Maletz
      Programming & Design

      Chase Bethea

      James Brunner
      Concept & 2D Art

      Ben Mordue
      Structure Models

      Natalie Maletz
      Logo & Editing

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks