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1 May, 2014



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Android Only$5
Full Game$10
Extended Edition$15


Deity Quest is a light-hearted, pokemon-inspired RPG where you play as an ambitious young god, recently assigned to a world - Aberos - to convert followers and gain power. Your goal is to become the Overgod, the highest position among the many gods of Aberos. Develop your divine magic, support your followers in fast-paced 6 vs. 6 battles, adventure through locations, and compete with other deities in your quest to reach the top!



Deity Quest has been in development since June 2013, and was inspired by Pokemon with dungeon crawler and RPG elements. The final features were added to the game Feb 28, 2014, and we have since begun playtesting, debugging and polishing the game, with the intent to release the full game for sale on May 1, 2014. We plan to release the main game for $10, and an extended edition with additional features, locations and multiplayer support for $15.

Inspiration - Pokemon:

The basic idea for Deity Quest came to me when I was trying to fix some fundamental problems with a scrapped game design where you would support an AI controlled main character. The problem with that design was that there just wasn't enough for the player to do - however that's where I borrowed some ideas from Pokemon. The problems were solved by having a team of up to six followers you need to support and position, with the ability to gain new followers by converting enemies. The game is similar to Pokemon in that there's a large number of follower types to find and convert, however, it's also very different as the followers are all completely AI controlled, and your job is to lend your followers support using your deific abilities.

Dungeon Crawler Elements:

Deity Quest is also inspired by dungeon crawler games - you'll traverse through randomly generated areas and dungeons while managing limited mana and items to get you and your followers to the end. You're only allowed 6 active followers and 6 backup followers per area, and if they all die, you're thrown out of the dungeon. Likewise, running out of mana can be a big problem, as without mana, you cannot support followers or convert new followers, and followers that draw mana from your mana pool will not be able to use skills.

Role Playing Game Elements:

Finally, the story and progression are similar to a role-playing game, where you travel to different areas, follow a linear plotline and level up to gain new spells and abilities. The story is broken up into eight parts that span your adventures on the planet Aberos. Will you be able to become the Overgod?


  • Convert Followers - Discover 128 unique follower types throughout the land of Aberos, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and skills.
  • Develop as a Deity - Gain powerful magic unique to your alignment to support your followers and smite your enemies.
  • Explore Aberos - Travel through locations and quests, finding items and secrets, solving puzzles, gaining experience and discovering new followers.
  • Fight 6 vs. 6 Battles - Use strategy to manage and support your followers as they fight, and get the most out of their individual skills.
  • Become the Overgod - Race your rival, battle other deities and solve a murder mystery as you strive to become the Overgod of Aberos!


Deity Quest Trailer YouTube

Amber Isle - Defeating Ryga YouTube

Deity Quest Early Trailer YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    Selected Articles

    • "With its clever gameplay, intriguing storyline, and nostalgic visuals Deity Quest is one of those games that immediately commands your attention."
      - Craig Forshey, Super Game Droid
    • "If, like myself, you have ever been interested in Pokemon, Deity Quest is an RPG inspired from the game we loved, but potentially more challenging, and strategic."
      - Callum Goss, The Daily Chill
    • "Taking the rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock approach of Pokemon and having up to 12 characters on the field at once leads to greater tactical complexity and some really interesting choices."
      - Craig Stern, IndieRPGs
    • "Love it. This is one of the best rpg games like pokemon i have ever seen on this site."
      - Blazer205, Kongregate Comment
    • "So, if you do like the Pokemon RPGs then you're probably going to like Deity Quest as well."
      - Chris Priestman, Pocket Gamer
    • "The strategy available is glorious. If you want one tough cookie at your front lines while miles of archers hide behind him, godspeed, go ahead and do it."
      - Joshua Higgins, Indie Juice
    • "Taking inspiration from Pokemon and dungeon crawlers, and featuring RPG-like story progression, Deity Quest sounds to be a deific good time."
      - Davidlee Jolley, The Indie Game Magazine
    • "Woah! This looks really cool. I will definitely be picking this one up. Nice idea, nice art, sweet music, I'm in."
      - jackal27, IndieRPGs Comments
    • "So far, I'm somewhat amazed by this. It's like Final Fantasy mixed with Pokemon."
      - Commodore Lemons, Steam Greenlight Comments

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